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Decentralized Blockchain Identity Management

Blockchain is one of the fastest growing sectors world-wide. SynchroKnot focuses on different aspects of the blockchain technologies and utilizes them in its own, unique perspective.

One of the many unique blockchain innovations SynchroKnot has engineered is the Decentralized Identity Management System, which uses fast blockchain cryptography in real time to confirm user identity and all the users’ rest-based and other requests.

Here the main advantage is that there are no passwords, checksums or salts kept on the server or anywhere else, for that matter.

The inherent uniqueness is further magnified with the integration of multi-fault-tolerant standard LDAP and Active Directory, if required, for an additional layer of security.

Highlights and Steps:

■ 1] Identify the people to whom you want to give access rights and the type of access.

■ 2] Add their Blockchain ID [ public blockchain address – Eg. Bitcoin Address ]. That’s it. Nothing to do.

■ The user can log in successfully with his / her Blockchain ID and the Blockchain ID of the Spatial Cluster. The user only uses his / her Blockchain Private Key to sign a Spatial Nonce Fingerprint [ invisible to the user ]. The Private Key is only used in the browser to sign and not sent to the server.

■ Once successfully authenticated, a Signed Nonce Fingerprint, among other things, is injected into the browser cookie. No need to login again!

■ ONLY the Blockchain ID [ Bitcoin Address ] of the user(s) is present on the Spatial Fabric Array(s). No checksums, salts, signatures, hashes, keys, passwords etc. Nothing else.

The demonstration video at the link below depicts the following:

■ Authorized user logging in his/her Blockchain Identity and Active Directory / LDAP password.

■ For the purpose of demonstration, the user first logs in without the password and is prompted to enter the password as Level 2 Security [ie LDAP and Active Directory] is enabled. Then the user enters a wrong password which is rejected by the designated Active Directory / LDAP server(s). On the third attempt the user succesfully logs into the SynchroKnot Infrastructure Engine.

■ In this demonstration, for the purposes of testing, the password is authenticated against the first 3 LDAP servers designated to the user and fails, and then successfully authenticates against the 4th LDAP server.

■ Speed is clearly visible, in spite of multiple, complex security and cryptographic operations being performed by SynchroKnot.

Note: The demonstration video does not depict the latest version, but does gives a clear visual understanding.

This demonstration video is available at the link below:

■ Decentralized Heterogeneous Blockchain Identity Management

More information is available at: