2019-11-22 : VERSION : 1.0

  • Version 1.0 : Released & Launched.
    ├─> Release Authority: Mehul Sharma @SynchroKnot
    └─> It’s now your choice to be left far behind!
  • Performance Improvements:
    ├─> 600% to 750% – Virtual Machine Information.
    ├─> 200% to 300% – Decentralized Parallel Search.
    ├─> 200% to 300% – AuthControl & BlockchainSSH.
    └─> 200% to 350% – Internal Checksum for all triggers.
  • New Features & Enhancements:
    ├─> Excerpts Regex : powerful real-time regex matching.
    ├─> Excerpts Realtime Cache Regex.
    ├─> Multi-type full-regex OR and AND matches.
    ├─> Multi-type full-regex NOT with OR /AND.
    ├─> Auto Random + Serial AuthControl load balancing.
    ├─> Auto Random + Serial BlockchainSSH load balancing.
    ├─> Enhanced Decentralized Resource Radar.
    ├─> Enhanced logic for auto VM relocation & creation.
    ├─> Merged Blockchain SSH with AuthControl.
    ├─> Blockchain SSH auto fails back onto AuthControl.
    ├─> Reduced dependence on external libraries/tools by 98%
    ├─> Enhanced Satellite Tree Protocol for wireless, satellite and wired networks along with numerous other improvements.
    ├─> Synchrosync – now displays full replication information & progress status with an ability to stop any running replication with a click of a button.
    ├─> Satellite Tree Private Network – Distributed/Decentralized Multi-Fault-Tolerant, Mission Critical, Low-Overhead, Scalable Layer 2 virtual private network.
    ├─> Integrated Satellite Tree Private Network with Blockchain SSH and AuthControl. Now, effortlessly be a part of or grow your Satellite Tree Private Network to a large number of nodes near-instantaneously, transparently and seamlessly across wired, wireless and satellite networks across the globe.
    ├─> Enhanced Power Modules are now made available: FASTR, Authcontrol, Blockchain SSH, Interstellar, Arpless Interstellar, Level2 Security, Reachout, Realtime Cache & Synchrosync.
    ├─> Extended Nonce Fingerprint Verification [New Feature] checks & ensures that only the latest Nonce Fingerprints and their cryptographic blockchain signatures are being used to login and access the infrastructure engine.