SynchroKnot Integrator

Apply for consideration to become a SynchroKnot Integrator and benefit in the following manner:

1] Resell and earn up to 60% margin on the Cost of the Base License and Power Modules licenses.

2] Earn up to 60% margin per SynchroKnot certification you secure.

3] Earn separately on top of that with your own consulting charges for initial consultation, design, deployment, knowledge transfer and technical support.

4] Get leads from SynchroKnot additionally and optionally above and beyond your own client base to grow your business in different regions locally and internationally. This option depends on your positive client ratings.

5] Get your engineers trained & certified at discounted prices and kept up-to-date with the latest feaures, work-arounds, business benefits and much more, so that you consistently gain market share linearly.

Simple example of multiple ways to earn through SynchroKnot:

Let’s say you get to enable company A with the SynchroKnot solution. You will earn through:

1] Your own consultation provided to company A with your own engineers.

2] When you recommend the number of SynchroKnot Base Licenses and Power Module Licenses, you earn up to 60% per license cost of each license company A buys.

3] You earn from the infrastructure deployment time, manpower & project management [local/remote installation, configuration and completion].

4] Since you are certified and authorized by SynchroKnot, you earn directly from training and knowledge transfer to the engineers of company A.

5] Once you have trained the engineers of company A and they are ready to be officially certified, you will earn upto 60% on each SynchroKnot certification you secure from company A. Company A gets a complete solution whereby they also get the certifications via you.

6] Once you are done, you can earn from hourly/yearly technical support for the infrastructure that you deployed and enabled.

7] Optionally, you can choose to avail client leads or direct clients [local to your region or international] from SynchroKnot directly.

Who can apply?

1] System Integrators, Web Hosting Providers, Internet Service Providers, IT Infrastructure Providers, Technology Consulting Organizations and so on in the regions where SynchroKnot software licenses can be used [refer to the license section at].

2] Must have a background in Linux.

3] Must have an established client base.

4] Contact – synchroknot | a t | synchroknot |d0t| c0m with the basic background of your organization and describe the type of market[s]/clients you serve. All qualified organizations will be invited for an interview.

Note: It is considered a privilege to be a SynchroKnot Integrator when you take into account the multitude of benefits that it brings, compared to any other cloud, data center or high-technology products & solutions. We are well acquainted with the fact when most companies are increasing license fees and reducing-to-eliminating opportunities for integrators, resellers, distributors etc., SynchroKnot is offering an opportunity to build and grow your business.