Data Center & Cloud Computing Today
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█║ Data Center & Cloud Computing Today
  • Must Purchase Disparate Hardware – servers, redundant switches & routers, storage [SAN/NAS] and load balancers. 
  • Must Purchase Virtualization Software + Licenses – VMware, OpenStack, Hyper-V, RHEV, Xen, VDI etc. 
  • Must Purchase Storage Software + Licenses. 
  • Must Purchase Licenses for Switches, Routers & Load Balancers [above and beyond the hardware]. 
  • Must Manage Separate Hardware & Software Through Different Management Panels, User Interfaces and APIs. 
  • Must Maintain Separate Multi-Tiered Teams and Departments To Manage Complex Operations. 
  • Must Have A Large Space To House Expensive Hardware With High-Cost Real Estate & Cooling. 
█║ SynchroKnot Advantage: Decentralized Data Center and Cloud Computing
  • SynchroKnot Software Does Everything.
  • No Separate Hardware Needed – Use Any Commodity X86_64 Desktop/Workstation/Server/Embedded Device and Connect Them To Eachother. 
  • No Need To Purchase Separate Desktop & Server Virtualization Software OR Their Licenses [Eg. VMware, OpenStack, Hyper-V, RHEV, Xen, VDI etc]. 
  • No Need To Purchase Physical OR Virtual Switches and Routers OR Any Of Their Licenses [Eg. Cisco, Juniper etc]. 
  • No Need To Purchase SAN/NAS/Distributed Block & File Storage [Eg. Netapp, EMC, Gluster, Ceph etc]. 
  • No Separate Teams And Departments Needed. 
  • No Large Space Needed. SynchroKnot Setup Is Very Flexible. You Can Utilize Cubicles, Offices, Apartments, Basements, Fibre Optic Hubs etc. 
  • Transparently Scale and De-Scale [locally/globally] Your SynchroKnot Infrastructure On-Demand Without Disruption/Interruption. 
  • Be Your Own Cloud Provider. Sell Full or Under-Utilized Hardware Resources With Bitcoin Internally/Externally [New Feature Coming Soon]. 
█║ SynchroKnot: Economic Advantages
  • Exponential Reduction In Total Cost. 
  • Exponential Reduction In Complexity. 
  • Exponential Reduction In Manpower. 
  • Exponential Increase In Performance. 
  • Exponential Increase In Security. 
  • Exponential Increase In Scalability & Over-all Control & Responsiveness. 
  • Eliminate All Vendor and Multi-Vendor Lock-ins, Interdependencies & Traps. 
  • Comprises 10+ Year Production Seasoned Open-Source Components. 
  • Significantly Increase Your Organization’s Micro and Macro Economic Dynamics and Manpower Efficiency.