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Cost Analysis: VMware, Hyper-V & Openstack -VS – SynchroKnot

[Note: This is user submitted content which is meant to help one get started on doing one’s own research and come to a definitive conclusion.]

In addition to researching the license costs, don’t forget to add the cost of complexity in a heterogeneous setup [i.e management, maintenance, deployment, upgrade, licenses, lock-ins, multi-vendor support, vendor bankruptcy and so on] which always remains mostly hidden.

You pay much more for complexity than any or all of the license costs put together.

Below are a few links that give you an idea of the license costs of VMware, Hyper-V and Openstack.

Most of the high costs shown are only of components and not like that of an all-inclusive and all-exclusive product like SynchroKnot.

It may be worth noting that if your vendor has not already hiked the license cost, it is likely that those costs will increase with little or no notice.

1] Observe the prices on page 8 [totaling to $124,291.52]

2] VMware Vs Hyper-V

For 20 processors : vSphere Enterprise+ = $116,124 and System Center 2016 = $90,175

These are just cost comparisons of components pertaining to the virtualization software, and do not include licenses for switches, routers, SAN, NAS etc.

3] This cost is just for the small component of the networking aspect:

4] Look at the prices of the following below on the VMware official website. These are just basic licenses. It is likely that you will need a number of other licenses as well.

VMware vCenter Server Foundation, VMware vCenter Server Standard, VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus, VMware vSphere Platinum:

5] The Openstack Enterprise Licenses also fall in the higher cost bracket.

At the time of writing this excerpt, the SynchroKnot Base License cost for an all-inclusive and all-exclusive product & solution is only €1000 [Euro] for up to 64 physical CPU cores.

The SynchroKnot advantage is beyond what can be compared with any cloud computing product, technology, software and solution all put together today or tomorrow.

Simply acquire and install the SynchroKnot software to realize the benefits for your organization.

If the cost comparison might ring a bell, the upcoming performance comparison will ring/wring ….. ?

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