Cloud Computing

Updated Pricing For The SynchroKnot License

The new price for SynchroKnot’s base license for up to 64 cores for any X86_64 system is €1500 [Euro]. We were encouraged to raise the price considering the overall monetary gain:

  1. Substantial Manpower Reduction
  2. Hardware and Software License Cost Reduction
  3. Total Complexity Reduction
  4. The cost of a SynchroKnot license is substantially lower than even the licenses of individual parts/components used in the cloud & data center today.
  5. Ease of bringing about a rapid transformation without expensive, time-consuming consultations and project management.
  6. SynchroKnot is its own institution of technology beyond light years. The SynchroKnot product is beyond comparison to the inefficient & expensive parts/components like those offered by companies like Microsoft, VMware, RedHat, IBM, Amazon, Google, Oracle, Cisco, Juniper and many others all put together, many of whom have lost the most vital ingredient for doing business – Trust –

Important: Be sure to check the updated blacklist under the license section.